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Improve your Employee Experience and Engagement with Q3Sixty!
A 360 Feedback tool easy to setup, easy to use, easy to scale and affordable!

Main Features


Q3Sixty, a 360 degree survey SAAS

Global Reports

All the analytics and reports you will ever need

Survey Customization

You can use one of our pre-made surveys or create your custom survey with ease

E-mail Notifications

Q3Sixty handles all the notification process for you, no need to chase the participants. You can even set up and schedule the notifications in different stages of your survey period

Visual Customization

Enough with the generic, dull solutions... with Q3Sixty you can customize the look with your logo and colors just like if it was tailor made for your company.


It's 2022 and everything is ``on the go`` so the survey is fully responsive and users can participate on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with the same ease of use.

QuiteaMind is a company that has the main objective to assist companies in the digital transformation process, increasing their innovation and competitiveness through programs based on gamification and a strong analytical component. Through our solutions, we help HR departments to implement their policies and improve their workers’ satisfaction and retention.

Individual Reports

Each participant can get his individual report.

Segmentations Creation

Create and manage multiple user groups with different demographics

Intuitive Backoffice

No code, easy to use administration backoffice that will get you up and running within minutes


Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We are working on multiple different languages to add to the solution, if you need any other language let us know and we're happy to make it happen!

Scale Personalization

We know that not all surveys are made equal so you can customize the rating scale to each survey's needs.

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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with quality