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Performance Evaluation and Management of
people and teams in a Global way.

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    QEvaluation is a digital solution in App and Web Responsive format based on a
    management logic, which supports performance evaluation and management
    of employees and teams in a global way.


    Parameterization of Evaluation Cycles

    360º Assessments

    Competency Assessment

    Project Evaluation


    Evaluation and Definition of Objectives

    Development Plan


    Specialty Scholarship

    Ongoing Feedback

    HR Analytics

    Users Directory

    Supported by a clear assessment model, adapted to the needs and reality of the organization, QEvaluation will ensure the alignment of all its people with what is expected of them and necessary for the organization’s strategy and operation, allowing to recognize the best and most aligned, as well as helping in the development of those who need, throughout the various stages of progression / evolution, to improve skills or even create new ones.

    How it works

    Performance evaluation and management solution (top-down or 360 °), creation of development plans and personalized objectives.

    How is it implemented?

    QEvaluation depends exclusively on content and performance evaluation and management structure, as well as a communication plan for its dissemination to users.

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